Records Management Foundation For Africa

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About Us

The Records Management Foundation for Africa is an African-based organization established to help build solutions for managing public sector records in developing countries. Over years, it has played a pioneering role in addressing the relationship between records management and good governance. We work with our clients to build a business relationship based on trust, efficiency and cost savings. We will start off by providing you a complete business case as to how we can improve your current services which will include a detailed cost analysis of the savings we can also make.


To be a leading training and learning center for internationally respected and approved records and information professionals.


To ensure continued improvement of quality, reliable, updated and effective professionals in fast changing records and information world


Customer-Centric, Growth Orientation, Disciplined Execution

Services Offered

  1. Records Management Consultancy
  2. Library Management
  3. Workshops and Conferences 
  4. eLearning & Training